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Please to Consider While Stuck on Other Stone Puzzle

Whelp, Saker was successful in relaunching at least one person into making more stone puzzles. Ironically enough, instead of doing any of my old nearly two year old ideas, I came up with something completely new, and quite quickly as you will notice I didn't polish any of the edges on any of the rips.

That's crazy to think the stone group is about two years old now. Incredible.

Don't forget to keep at Saker's Intoxication puzzle. I hate waiting and dead ends, so more puzzles are always welcome. This one is fairly straight forward, I would think. Also, I'm trying a list out this time, after everyone seemed to not take my last puzzle so well. I will be lenient with it however, within my judgement.

So without further ado:

Puzzle H:C
Eh, Little Chum?

The who?

Good luck everybody, and try to recruit more players.
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