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Answer Page to 'Puzzle W-6 Home Shopping'

You may hate me for this.

Of course, "Your Price" is close to $1.00./"Your Price" is close to $10.99.

You saw many aspects of the internet along the path to this answer. Email. Download service (or.. did you?). Instant Messenger. Blogging. Home shopping. Web game. Internet database. Search engine.

You studied geography, serial killers, comics, and more.

In each instance, you relied on more than the internet to give you the answer. You had to put one and one together yourself. The internet, as it is, is incomplete. For every question you ask, it can only give you back information it finds in proximity to the question. Fortunately for you, that's exactly what this puzzle required. And so, to the internet, "Your Price" is somewhere on a web document in close proximity to "$1.00" and to "$10.99". If the semantic web were in charge, there would have been no question. "Your Price" would have been "$9.99".

Earth has moved from an infinitely large place to a small, interconnected world.
Nowadays, everything can be done on the internet, and information pathways are limitless.
In the end, though, the internet is nothing but a tool for humans.
Will it always be that way? Intelligence is never artificial.
But that's only semantics.
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