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FINALLY. Dikis has it solved. Thank you for guessing. ^^

Do you want to ruin it for yourself?

For years, man has been asking that same questions: Who is Man without Dog?

Man Without Cat
What is dog?
What is man?
What is dog man?
Dog is man?
Dog is man is friend.

But if you have a dog, is there a need for cat?

Ask Edward. Ask William. Ask Poe. Ask a microwave.

Can a microwave kill a cat?

Hive Thinking
"And if you think about it," explained Harry to Ron, "A million donkeys is not that much more than one donkey."
"That's insane!" interrupted Hermione. "Can you prove it?"&&*&
"Of course I can. Do you agree that two donkeys is only a little more than one donkey?"
"Well..." Jermione stammered. "I suppose so." Jermaine's brow furrowed. "What's your point, anyways?"
'You've just proved my point," said Harry.

Ron's eyes wi

Nome De Plume

I hiss and shout out the window, "Hey, get!" It doesn't move. I cup my hands and catch some water from the shower and sprinkle it towards the cat. It still doesn't move. My commotions have managed to awaken my husband who walks into the bathroom just as I'm reaching the hand-held shower head down and pointing it out the window yelling, "Get out! Get! I'll fix you, you defiant little........"Cat FINALLY gets the message and takes off. DH asks, "What the h3ll is going on?" as he pokes his head in. "I thought you were being attacked or something!"I point to the cat that is now scrambling over the fence and say to DH, "Apparently I forgot to latch the screen door last night. Oh, and um, the porch carpet is wet."
DH roars with laughter and leaves. I got to start my day off with a battle won already under my belt.

You did't think anthing about it, but now you might.

So what IS Man Without Dog?

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