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You got it. You're cartersgotback, aren't you? Who else would you be?


Of course you are. Who else would you be? In this digital age, we all have our pseudonyms. "Here, here's my AIM name." "Let's get together--just email me!" and the ever-famous "Did you write about me in your Livejournal?" Yes, electronic mediums are quickly becoming our preferred choice of communication and interaction. Tell me, how many people know you as cartersgotback? Do they all know your real name?


LJ (We've become so familiar with our electronic masters, why even call it Livejournal?) was founded in 1999 by Brad Fitzgerald. Interestingly enough, a scant two years and some months later, cartersgotback recieved their Livejournal on June 12, 2001.
Livejournal has become a communication hub on the internet. It has replaced interacting and communication in many lives. Friends don't send letters to friends anymore. They hardly even call. Livejournal has quickly turned into the way to keep in touch with your friends. Since 1999, over 10,288,257 journals have been created. That's a lot of face-to-face communication people are missing out on. One might argue that yes, Livejournal is an excellent way to find people with similar interests, but so are parties, gatherings, and other real, live, interactive events. And even though some Livejournal users have never even met each other in real life, they still call each other "friends". Electronics slowly seem to be taking over our lives, redefining how we use the most important words in our life.
When media giant Six Apart bought Livejournal in January of 2005, they seemed to know what they were doing. If you take out all the letters in Six Apart and replace them with the letters in Big Brother, you have...Big Brother. Coincidence?

Fame and Copycats
Livejournal has attracted people of all kinds - even the most famous. Jackson Publick, creator of the popular cartoon The Venture Brothers has a Livejournal.
Jhonen Vasquez, creator of rival cartoon show Invander Zim, has one, too. Same with popular gothic novelist Poppy Z. Brite and Bram Cohen, creator of BitTorrent, have them, too. In fact, Livejournal has become so popular that many other sites have taken their open source code and made direct copies - sites like DeadJournal, GreatestJournal, and Blurty.

cartersgotback is jen lynne. cartersgotback lives in monclovia, ohio. cartersgotback likes japanese connection, ruling, and ♥. cartersgotback is "friends" with drooldrifter, letsplayrobots, and ultramania, among others. cartersgotback has 446 journal entries.

There. Now don't you feel safe?
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