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i are lazy

It took me long enough, so here it is. The answer page for Segregation is still in the works. As soon as that comes out, I have a plethora of new puzzles to unleash. Excitement.

I am tired. Goodnight,

Yes, of course, his parents went to Lake Avernus.

(Avernus also accepted.)



 The Mars Volta
(not to be confused with the European techno group Mars Volta) is a band based in America that formed when the indie-alternative At the Drive-In split in 2001. Core members Cedric Bixler-Zavala and Omar Rodriguez-Lopez brought in their friends Eva Gardner and Jon Theodore, and the first line-up of The Mars Volta was born. This line-up has changed multiple times since the band's creation, but it currently consists of Omar Rodriguez-Lopez, Cedric Bixler-Zavala, Jon Theodore, Isaiah Ikey Owens, Juan Alderete de la Pena, Marcel Rodriguez-Lopez, Adrian Terrazas Gonzales, and Pablo Hinojos-Gonzalez.







, the band's first EP, received good reviews. However, with the release of its first studio album De-Loused in the Comatorium, The Mars Volta started to make a name for itself as a present-day progressive rock band. Prog rock is typically characterized by--among other things--long compositions with intricate melodies and harmonies, lyrical narratives, the prominent use of instruments unusual in rock, and the use of unusual time signatures, rhythmic techniques, scales, or tunings. The Mars Volta is especially noted for its heavy use of ambient noise. While obviously still around, progressive rock hasn't had a very large market since the 1960s and 1970s, with such bands as Pink Floyd, Rush, and King Crimson. The key to prog rock is complexity--and most bands today just don't have it.



 On Tuesday, March 1st, 2005, The Mars Volta released its second studio album Frances the Mute. Where De-loused had been a concept album detailing the story of Cerpin Taxt (a reference to the band's late friend Julio Venegas), Frances explained the story of Vismund Cygnus. This character was tied to the band's former sound manipulator Jeremy Ward in two ways. Before working with The Mars Volta, Ward worked as a repo man. One day, Ward discovered a diary in the backseat of a car he was repossessing, and began to note the similarities between his life and that of the author--most notably, that they had both been adopted and were both drug addicts. After Ward's death of a heroin overdose, the diary's author and Ward's personal struggles became the inspiration for Frances' Vismund Cygnus. Each of the other four tracks on Frances was named after a person in the diary that had helped to point the way toward the author's biological parents. Frances herself was Vismund Cygnus' mother, who is discovered to have been raped (resulting in his birth). While he realizes along the way that the people in his life were far more important than those he never got to know, Vismund Cygnus learns by the end of the album that his mother and the mysterious father had already died. Frances explains that the two slipped into Averni (latin for Avernus).



Lake Avernus, while being an actual lake (Lago d'Averno), is perhaps more notable for its mythological significance. Sitting within the crater near Cumae, Italy, many important Roman structures hover around the lake, such as shrines to Apollo and Jupiter and the grotto of Cumaean Sybil, a Roman oracle. The Roman civilization believed Lake Avernus to be the entrance to the underworld. Virgil even portrayed the lake in this way in his famous epic the Aeneid. Still, the Romans had more than enough reason for this belief. Lake Avernus is actually a mephite, which is a lake or grotto that infects the air with poisonous steams and vapors. The fumes emitted by Lake Avernus were represented by the ancients as of so malignant a nature that birds could not fly over it, but fell down dead.







lago d'averno


frances the mute (taunt: so why don't they tell their tales?)

the mars volta





cygnus....vismund cygnus

vismund cygnus

jeremy ward



progressive rock






diary (taunt: who was missing?)

l'via l'viaquez

the widow




repo man






Julio Venegas



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